Excel Bid Importer

This help topic is for Fuel Supplier Users

Bids can be imported from a special Excel template. This Excel template is different for each tender and is generated on demand for every fuel supplier.

Step 1: Download Excel Bid Importer Template
Step 2: Open the Excel Template

Open the template with your preferred spreadsheet editor.

Step 3: Add Bid Information to the Template

Columns A to Q are informative and do not require any input from fuel suppliers. These columns define the initial preferences set by the airline.

Important: Please do not edit cells in columns A to Q. Changing information in these cells may lead to errors during tender import process.

Locations Sheet

Input requirements and limitations.

TitleExpected InputExample
IATADo not edit
ICAODo not edit
CompanyDo not edit
Contract Start / End DateDo not edit
Fuel TypeDo not edit
Contract VolumeDo not edit
Monthly VolumeDo not edit
Preferred UnitsDo not edit
Preferred CurrencyDo not edit
Months of ServiceDo not edit
Average UpliftDo not edit
Preferred Delivery PointDo not edit
Award QuotaDo not edit
Preferred Delivery to AirportDo not edit
Preferred Delivery to AircraftDo not edit
Preferred Price BaseDo not edit
Preferred IATA Service LevelDo not edit
Bid Round*Number1
Open Invoice - Payment TermsNumber1
Open Invoice - Payment Reference DateSelect from dropdownInvoice Date
Open Invoice - Invoice FrequencySelect from dropdownWeekly
Invoice TypeSelect from dropdownPDF Format
Prepayment - Number Of Days PrepaidNumber30
Prepayment - Payment First Delivery DateNumber14
Prepayment - Payment FrequencySelect from dropdownMonthly
Prepayment - AmountNumber100000
Payment Currency*Select from dropdownUSD
Payment Unit*Select from dropdownUSG
Method Of PaymentSelect from dropdownContract
Guarantees Deposits RequiredSelect from dropdownYes
Payment - Exchange Financial SourceSelect from dropdownEuropean Central Bank
Payment - Exchange Averaging MethodSelect from dropdownDaily
Payment - Exchange Averaging OffsetSelect from dropdownPrevious period (N-1)
Supply Conditions CommentsFree text
Delivery Point*Select from dropdownInto wing
Index - ProviderSelect from dropdownPlatts
Index - CodeSelect from dropdownCIF NWE Cargo
Index - BateSelect from dropdownh
Index - Averaging MethodSelect from dropdownWeekly trading days
Index - Averaging OffsetSelect from dropdownPrevious period (N-1)
Index - Price Effective DateSelect from dropdownTuesday
Market Price - AmountNumber4.561
Market Price - CurrencySelect from dropdownUSC
Market Price - UnitSelect from dropdownUSG
Market Price - Source TypeSelect from dropdownGovernment
Market Price - Source NameTextLocal Government
Differential Amount*Number0.0154
Differential Currency*Select from dropdownEUR
Differential Unit*Select from dropdownMT
Non-mandatory FeesFree text
Into-plane Service ProviderTextSkyFuels & Co
IATA Service LevelSelect from dropdownIATA Service level 1
Available Volume PercentageNumber100
Gross or Net BillingSelect from dropdowngross
Open Fuel ReleaseSelect from dropdownYes
Pre-flight Notification HoursNumber
Pre-flight Notification NotesText
Ramp Limitations NotesText
Fuel AvailabilityText
Delivery Method to Airport 1Select from dropdownPipeline
Delivery Method to Airport 1 PercentageNumber or empty80
Delivery Method to Airport 2Select from dropdown or emptyTruck
Delivery Method to Airport 2 PercentageNumber or empty20
Delivery Method to Airport 3Select from dropdown or empty
Delivery Method to Airport 3 PercentageNumber or empty
Delivery Method to Airport 4Select from dropdown or empty
Delivery Method to Airport 4 PercentageNumber or empty
Delivery Method to AircraftSelect from dropdown
NotesFree textBoth hydrant & truck