How to Launch a Jet Fuel Tender

This help topic is for Airline Users

Click on the New Tender button

The tender setup process consists of the following 4 stages:

Tender draft is automatically saved and updated at the begining of each stage.
Note: Multiple Team members can work on the same tender. Visit User Management to learn more.

1. Set Parameters

  1. Enter a name for this tender. This name will be visible to all invited suppliers.
    Tip: Use a clear and short name so everyone can understand the essence of this tender. Example: Europe 2024
  2. Select preferred units and currency
  3. Define the round one closing date and contract start and end dates
  4. Enter the cover letter text or upload a cover letter document
  5. Optional: Upload additional documents (Example: Fleet sheet, flight schedules, etc.)
Set Tender Parameters

2. Add Locations

The locations page allows you to add airport locations and define supply requirements such as the delivery point, estimated volume, etc.

Add Locations

There are two different ways to add airport locations to a tender:

  • Manual option is suitable for minor tenders with a few location
  • Excel uploader is available for large tenders
Note: The uploaded information can be edited on the platform before or after the tender is launched. Locations can also be added or removed from an active tender during the tender process. Suppliers will receive automated notifications of any location adjustments as they take place.

Field Specifications

Required fields
Field NameDescription
Location Airport location name, IATA or ICAO
CompanyUse this field when tendering for fuel with multiple companies
Award QuotaPercentage of the Total Contract Volume which will be awarded to one supplier
CurrencyPreferred currency for this location
UnitsPreferred units for this location
Delivery PointPreferred delivery point for this location
Contract StartPreferred contract start date for this location
Contract EndPreferred contract end date for this location
Average Uplift per FlightAverage amount of fuel that is uplifted per flight at this location
Months of Service Number of months for the above contract period at this location
Total Contract Volume Total estimate fuel volume for this above contract period at this location
Monthly Volume Estimate monthly fuel volume at this location
Fuel TypeIf applicable, choose domestic, international, bonded or SAF fuel
IATA Service LevelSelect the required service level. View IATA service level specifications
Index PreferenceIf applicable, specify the preferred price base index at this location
Delivery to aircraftRequest suppliers to specify the delivery method to the aircraft at this location
Delivery to airportRequest suppliers to specify fuel delivery method to this airport

Add Airport Location Manually
Add Airport Locations Manually
Import Airport Locations from Excel
  1. Download the custom Airport Locations Template by clicking on the Upload From Excel button.
  2. Follow the instructions in the Excel file to add the required location information.
  3. Upload the Excel document.
Upload Airport Locations from Excel

3. Invite Suppliers

There are three different ways to invite fuel suppliers to participate in a fuel tender:

  • Manual option is suitable for minor tenders with a few location
  • Excel uploader is available for large tenders
  • Add suppliers from a contact list. This options suggests offers a list of suppliers who were invited to airline's previous tenders. Contacts in the contact list can be managed in the Contacts sections of the website which is accessible form the main menu at the top of the page.

Invite Suppliers

4. Review & Launch

This stage allows the fuel procurement team to review the prepared tender before it is launched.

The Export Tender button in the top right corner produces an Excel document with a copy of tender information for sharing and backup.

Upload Airport Locations from Excel