How to Revise an Existing Bid

This help topic is for Fuel Supplier Users offer the posibility to edit bids. Please note that bids can only be modified during an active tender round.
This functionality is not available after the round time has ended.

Important: Bid modification process will withdraw existing bids from tender.
Bids must be resubmitted before the round time has ended in order to be displayed in the airline view.
Step by Step Instructions To Modify a Bid

  1. Navigate to the Tenders page, select the tender needing corrections and click Details
  2. Go to Locations in the tender navigation menu
  3. On the Locations page, identify the location to be revised and select View Bid
  4. If a location contains multiple offers, ensure the correct one is chosen on the location detail page
  5. Click on Revise Bid button
    Attention: This action will withdraw all previously submitted bids from tender.
    Bids will not be visible to the airline until are they are resubmitted.
  6. Make any necessary adjustments and scroll to the bottom of the page to confirm your chagne by clicking Save Offer and Go Back to Locations List
  7. On the Locations list page click on Review & Submit Bids
  8. On the Review & Submit click on Submit Bids

Each bid revision will trigger an email confirmation to members of the Supply Team and the Airline Procurement Team who have access to this tender.