Airline Topics & FAQ

This help topic is for Airline Users
  • Who can access or view my tender information?

    Only Team users from the same airline or invited suppliers will be able to see your fuel tender information.

  • Can Fuel Suppliers see each other fuel suppliers within the same tender?

    No, Invited Fuel Suppliers can only access the general tender information such as the tender parameters and tender location information. The invited supplier information remains strictly confidential.

  • Can the system be customized fit our needs?

    Yes, a custom setup is available for each airline customer. The list of bid form fields as well as the options menus can be adjusted to match the airline's internal naming conventions.

  • How is the tender data protected?

    Data Protection
    Tender data is protected by JetFuelTenders NDA agreement which is signed with each airline.

    IT Security utilizes continuously performs security updates and undergoes external security audits. Automated monitoring tools are in place to detect potential vulnerabilities and external threats. A detailed security spec sheet can be provided on request.

  • What integrations are available on

    S&P Global Commodity Insights is an official API channel partner. This integrations requires an S&P Global Commodity Insights CSM commercial license and is accessible with S&P Global Commodity Insights Single Sign On.

    Argus Media is an official API channel partner. This feature activation requires a license confirmation from Argus Media.

    Exchange Rates API
    This integration is automatically activated for every airline user and is free to use on This API exchange rate can be overwritten by an airline's internal exchange rate for each tender.