Cloud-Based Jet Fuel Tendering Platform

Designed for Commercial Airlines and Operators of Large Executive or Government Aircraft Fleets

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S&P Global Platts
Argus Media
Exchange Rate API
Tender Process

Let our tenchology handle the routine

Take advantage of modern tools and our streamlined tendering process.

Tender Process

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Hours Saved

Why Use Us?

Reduce Costs

Significant savings in staff-hours over traditional tendering methods, which often involve reviewing emails and spreadsheets, received from multiple suppliers in varying formats.

Saves Time

Substantially reduces time it takes to prepare, launch and award tenders. Speeds up tedious and repetitive tasks while improving data integrity.

Secure Document and Data Control

Central control of all documents and data sent and received. adheres to the highest levels of information security and undergoes scheduled independent security audits.

Progress Status at a Glance

Know exactly when tenders are received and opened, and when bids have been submitted to speed up the evaluation and award process.

Supplier Management

Manage suppliers' contact details, locations, communications, offers, awards, and contracts with easy to use interface.

Organized and Efficient

All information is securely captured in one place so you can easily review submissions, evaluate offers and award contracts.

Transparency and Compliance

Provides detailed audit trail to facilitate and enhance transparency and compliance.

Access and Utilize Historical Tenders

All previous tenders and submissions can be viewed and utilized as needed.

Confidential Process

All communications are secure and confidential. Bidders can only view their own information.

Pricing is free for airlines and fuel suppliers.
Paid enhancements are available for advanced analytics, deeper reporting and time saving integrations.

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$ 6 500/ mo

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Who We Are?

Udo Baumgartner
Udo Baumgartner
Airline Relations

A ten-year veteran of OMV’s aviation fuel sales department, with a seven-year stretch on Austrian Airlines fuel procurement team, Udo is our jet fuel tendering guru.


Anton Eremeeff
Anton Eremeeff

A full-stack developer with a twelve-year focus on jet fuel pricing platforms and aviation related API data integrations, Anton is our resident IT problem solver.


Marcela Baumgartner
Marcela Baumgartner
General Aviation Relations

With nearly 14 years experience in World Fuels Services, Marcela brings her deep knowledge of fuel procurement to our team, helping airlines to make accurate, data-driven decisions.

Pablo Flexer
Pablo Fexer
Fuel Supply Relations

With seven years as an OMV commercial jet fuel sales manager, Pablo is our expert in supply-side aviation fuel pricing & volume management.