Jet Fuel Tenders Integration with Argus Media and S&P Global Commodity Insights is a cloud-based jet fuel tendering platform designed for commercial airline procurement teams and suppliers of jet fuel at airports worldwide. JetFuelTenders replaces traditional tendering methods, which often involve reviewing emails and manually entering data into spreadsheets. Utilizing JetFuelTenders ’s API integrations with S&P Global Commodity Insights (Platts) and Argus Media, airline procurement teams can instantly evaluate the cost benefits of a particular symbol (index) in a supplier’s price offer, resulting in dramatic cost savings over the lifetime of a jet fuel contract.

JetFuelTenders provides a suite of analytics tools which enable airline procurement teams track and run reports such data as current contract pricing against new offers, the impact of price changes across an entire contract period, and pricing and volume requirements for customs bonded fuel or SAF.

JetFuelTenders brings transparency and easy team collaboration to the entire fuel tendering process.